Helping you, help the world.

Let us handle the details.

We act as your 501c3. We handle your bookkeeping and donation processing. We offer coaching on fundraising and marketing, and individual mentoring. We provide your donors with a webpage to learn about you and a secure donation process.

You get to just DO the work that you love. 

Since 1994 GHI has served as the Christian non-profit covering for projects, ministries, and missionaries. We currently partner with over 40 projects worldwide.

Featured Projects

  • Christian Brotherhood Church – Sudan (3/23/2017) - Pastor Nikolao Vuni is the District Director for the Christian Brotherhood Church. He supports leaders in the Brotherhood Church as they reach out to their communities with a much needed voice for community reconciliation, in a time of challenges and turmoil. Wait to see the changes that God will bring... March 2017 Dear Friends, Greetings in Jesus’ Name. We trust by the help of the Lord you are all doing well as we are here Continue Reading
  • Cornerstone Academy Class Sponsorship (2/8/2017) - Cornerstone Academy of Manipur was launched in December 2009 and opened in February 2010 in order to provide high-quality K-10 Christian education for poor children and their families in the southeast corner of Manipur. Manipur is one of the seven states in northeast India, and borders Burma (Myanmar). Multiple insurgencies and deeply entrenched corruption have bred a spirit of hopelessness that only Jesus and His people, utilizing education that honors Him, can break. Founders Thangboi and Kimsi Continue Reading