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Youngsters for Christ Team

Shinning Jesus in the Dark, Jesus films
Most nights in different villages, our Jesus Film team into goes to villages which are not only experiencing the spiritual darkness, but also physical darkness and are pitch dark at night. With passion, dedication and commitment of the Jesus Film Team members are truly remarkable as they go to this villages penetrating different hurdles climbing hills, wading in water, crossing rivers, and walking in the mud.
As we were showing Jesus film in one village in Kibera, there came a man who was drunk shouting and uttering every word that could come through his mouth.

To my surprise when he realized what was going on, he calmed down and sought for a good place to sit and watched the film. Toward the end of the show, this man was the first to come in front when the altar was called. This time he had tears dripping as he gave his life to Jesus Christ. Praise the lord! These were his words as he came to the front for prayer of salvation,

For many times you have been showing us this film and I have always ignored you, but today I have discovered it’s Jesus following me. And I have now no option but to surrender to Him”.

Praise the lord for how He works even when we seem not to understand. The word of God never goes in vain; it will always accomplish his purpose in His own time…

The above is part of the YCT June 2017 News Update.

To read the full update visit Youngsters for Christ Team, news and info.


Youngsters for Christ Team serves children and youth in the areas of Kibera, Kenya. They provide outreach ministry in schools and villages, feeding programs, bible studies and showings of the Jesus Film.

This project is led by Samuel Njiru.

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