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Global Capacities Update

One of the groups I work with is the board of the local YMCA.  Did you know that the YMCA was started in 1844 through a prayer meeting above a London drapery factory?   The Y’s initial purpose was to put Christian principles into practice by developing a healthy “body, mind, and spirit.”  That same heart is still alive in many of the YMCAs today.

My board committee wrestled for most of the year with, “what community development should look like for the Y?” We kept trying to figure out how we needed to promote and share about the YMCA in the local community, but we never agreed upon an action plan.  The last time we met, we posed a different question.  What if “community development” for the Y was to happen inside the Y?

How do you develop community in a very diverse environment?  We don’t have any answers yet, but we do know it has something to do with living out what we believe, intentionally looking to “welcome ALL”, and loving, serving and caring for our members and employees.

The above was taken from Jill’s June newsletter. To read the full update visit Global Capacities.

Global Capacities seeks to bring the transforming power of the Kingdom of God to a hurting world by bringing hope and restoring order.

We equip, support and encourage individuals and organizations to live and function in the way God intended. Global Capacities provides ministry consulting to mission organizations, ministries, missionaries and non-profits.

This project is led by Jill Hall.

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