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M:MM Associate – God changes us!

June has been a very full and busy month!

We spent several days facilitating a workshop on purposeful living, with main lessons from Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life.” It was a great lesson and reminder about how we are created to honor God, and should do that with every part of our lives.

I also taught about STD’s, which is very needed, not only due to their high incidence but also because parents don’t talk with their children about sex and so youth are susceptible to these diseases. I am praying that the adults that were at the workshops will talk with the youth they know and that it was a blessing to them as well.

I loved facilitating these workshops. It is so neat how God changes us. I used to HATE being in front of people, and had almost zero confidence. But since being here, I am growing and LOVED facilitating-hearing testimonies, sharing knowledge and giving what I know so that others may benefit. It was a sweet affirmation that the Lord has me where I am meant to be.I know that I am not “finished” but am grateful for the work that has been done in me, and continue praying for the Lord to shape me such that I can be a blessing to others.

I have also done two smaller trainings on family planning (birth control methods) in a newer area we are working in, Bukhalu. I am so glad to be able to use my nursing knowledge, and am looking forward to being further stretched and pray that I may teach the right things.

The above text was taken from Sydney’s July blog update. To read the full update or to donate, visit M:MM Associate.

Mission: Moving Mountains is a project in the Mbale District of Uganda. The focus of the project is to empower and encourage people in their strengths, and train them in areas of health, nutrition, environment/agriculture, spirituality and income generation.

Sydney Liesch serves as an intern, working directly with the M:MM staff in Uganda.


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