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Widow with a kind HEART willing to sacrifice – GCDA

Mama with more than a Goat and reason to spare:

Mama Talatu Sarki is a middle aged woman in the town of Sabon Kamantan, one of the villages we’d recently provided a new well. She was the woman who hosted and provided some food and a place to sleep for our drill team of five during the few days.

We are often faced with stories of poverty and lack of capacity. When villagers are unable to fully participate or make contributions towards the drilling of their wells. But when Mama Sarki heard of the planned well project in her village, she sold one of her three goats so she can purchase some rice and corn meal for feeding the drill team.

She’s a widowed mother of two adult sons. She relies on the small farm which she cultivates to provide food for herself and sometimes assist other neighbors in need. When asked why she would spare one of her three goats to cater for the drillers, she said, “The joy of not having to suffer in search of clean water is worth more than one of my goats”.

She also hoped she could have done more to show just how appreciative and happy she felt. Having grown up and lived her entire life in Sabon Kamantan, and experiencing hardships, she was more than very happy to participate in the provision of clean water through this gesture.

Her sacrifice and service provided much needed assistance and support to our team.

We continue to pray always that God will raise up more people this kind hearted to make our ministry more joyful and fulfilling. From the sacrifices made by sponsors of our wells to our drill crew, this woman’s gesture completes the picture.

Everyone bringing what they can to the table to make it possible.

I am very sure our team will forever remember this kind gesture of a woman who demonstrated gratitude her own way.

In Christ,
Silas Dauji, Project Leader of GCDA

Grace Community Development Agency (GCDA) is an NGO that exists to help the rural people of North-Central Nigeria. It strives to reconcile people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds by providing social services that encourage communities to come together for the greater good.

Their work has provided access to clean water through wells, medical screenings, clinic visits and training for religious leaders.

For more information or to donate to help them continue their work: GCDA.

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