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Betty’s story of faith after Hurricane Harvey

During this past week, Jill Hall, Director of Operations at GHI, has been in Texas responding to the Hurricane Harvey destruction. She works closely with a local Christian crisis relief organization to provide prayer, relief assistance and support the rebuilding process.

During her visit she saw tremendous lost and destruction, but was struck by the hope and resilience of the Texans that she met. This is one of those stories:

“I met Betty and her puppy Baby. Betty had been living in temporary housing before the storm struck. She was evacuated to a two story brick building where she rode out the storm. She left her belongings in the first place that she had been staying. She couldn’t take her things with her when she evacuated. She does not have any family living in the area. She has sons living in New Jersey. Betty recalled that when the storm struck the brick building “shook like everything”. The windows blew in. Now that building is in shambles. Betty had no other place to go. She started sleeping in the bed of a pickup truck. While she slept her shoes were stolen.

Eventually Betty encountered someone responding with help, who asked her what she needed. One of the responders took off their own shoes and socks, and gave them to Betty. She was grateful for the shoes, but she still didn’t know where to go. There was a Cab company offering $5.00 cab rides, so she took a cab to a church. The church  was serving as a crisis response feeding center, for local residents and also for responders. When I met Betty she was staying in a pup tent on the church lawn, with her dog Baby. Somehow some of her belongings, from her original housing were delivered to this church. (Her things are under the blue trap in the photo below.)

I had the privilege of sitting down to listen to Betty’s story. As we sat in the shade, Baby crawled over and curled up on my lap. I listened to her story and prayed for her. Betty was going leave the church that day, as she was able to find a room to stay in. She hopes to save enough money to get to New Jersey by Christmas time to be with her sons. I was able to bless her with a gift card, that was donated by someone in MN who wanted to help.

Betty is a woman of faith. She is joyful and grateful, not bitter. She didn’t know what was next for her and she was ok with that. Betty’s faith in the Lord remains strong, even in the midst of horrendous loss and destruction.

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