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Touching Hearts and Healing Lives – RVOBUSA

A story shared that was carried around for 65 years…

RVOBUSA has ministered in over 17 different campgrounds this year and logged over 3,500 miles.

During the winter we stay in Bonita Springs, Florida at IBE which is Imperial Bonita Estates. There we have seen a great acceptance of us as people who care and are there for them. Here we get to share God’s love and blessing everywhere one person at a time. The joy of baking cookies, praying for people and lending a helping hand where we can brings us joy.

As of last fall we have been become the Park Pastors. We will have a Sunday evening church service each week in the park. Our hearts are filled with God’s love for everyone here. One day an elderly gentleman stopped me on the street and said, “Hey, can I ask you a question?”  He proceeded to tell me his story right there on the street because I gave him the time he needed at the time he was ready. He asked me, “If babies are aborted do they go to Heaven?”  I listened and let him talk. He proceeded to tell me 65 years ago his girlfriend, now wife, was pregnant as a teenager and her family made her get an abortion.  They were later married and had children. He has carried this in his heart for 65 years and hadn’t told anyone. We talked, we prayed and he accepted Christ right there on the street with the assurance of standing one day face to face with Jesus his Savior and to meet his child for the first time. That is the God we serve and our hearts are open each and every day to whatever He has for us.

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Pastors Larry and Susan Fannon are traveling across the USA in their RV sharing God’s love and blessing to everyone they meet, one person at a time.

They believe God will use them to touch hearts, heal broken lives, reconcile families, and transform this nation.

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