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GHI is an investment that multiplies.

  • Every dollar invested in GHI is multiplied.
  • $1000 supports $10,000 of ministry work.
  • GHI has chosen not to increase administrative fees to our projects, continuing at only 9%.
  • The reach and impact of GHI an an organization is bigger than any single project alone.


Invest to increase GHI’s capacity to serve and

ministry projects to THRIVE.

Ministry leaders need a team around them to guide, advice, pray, encourage, coach and maintain accountability.
GHI provides projects with a proven, credible 501(c)(3) structure for receiving donations and grants, disbursements, state registrations, along with web presence.
Fundraising coaching, marketing and communications support are also available.
Without GHI, many internationally led ministry projects would not thrive. Some would cease to exist. Projects often operate on small budgets and rely on volunteers. Leaders often do not have the expertise or capacity to run a US nonprofit in support of their international work. 


GHI is seeking new Investors:

  • Impact Donors – investing $1000 or more per year

  • Sustaining Investors – give a monthly contribution

  • Prayer Warriors – praying for GHI’s partner projects, staff and board